Eine Übersicht der aktuellen Seminare mit Angabe zur Uhrzeit, Raumbenennung und kurzem Abstract finden Sie im Mathematischen Kalender der TUM.

Hier geht es zur Übersicht des Oberseminars Dynamics mit dem aktuellen und den vergangenen Semestern.

Referenten im Wintersemester 2019 / 2020

Datum Name Universität Titel
14.10.2019 Bảo Tăng Quốc KFUni Graz (AT) Quasi-steady-state approximation and fast reaction limit for volume-surface reaction-diffusion systems
21.10.2019 Amitai Linker TUM The contact process on stationary dynamic networks
28.10.2019 Esther Daus TU Wien (AT) Multi-species cross-diffusion population models: existence of solutions and derivation from underlying particle models
04.11.2019 Karel Kenens Uni Hasselt (BE) Gevrey asymptotic expansions for slow manifolds
11.11.2019 Carsten Chon EPFL (CH) The almost-sure asymptotic behavior of the solution to the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noise
18.11.2019 Pasha Tkachov GSSI (IT) On stability of traveling wave solutions for integro-differential equations related to branching Markov processes
18.11.2019 Jichen Yang Uni Bremen (DE) Spectral analysis and decay estimates for reaction-subdiffusion equations
03.12.2019 Yi-Ming Lai Nottingham Beyond networks: Master stability and pattern formation with graphons
09.12.2019 Marcel Braukhoff TU Wien (AT) Chemotaxis-consumption model and the importance of the boundary conditions
10.12.2019 Alexander Lohse Bremen Realizing directed graphs as heteroclinic networks
16.12.2019 Martin Schreiber TUM On Next-Generation Time Stepping Methods for Weather and Climate Simulations
16.12.2019 Merlin Pelz TUM (DE) Mathematical Analysis of a Multi-Scale Partial Differential Equation Model of Vegetation Pattern Formation in Dryland Ecosystems
13.01.2020 Mariya Ptashnyk Heriot Watt University (GB) Analysis of a free-boundary problems describing mechanical interactions in a multicellular system
27.01.2020 Edouard Strickler Inria Nancy (France) Random switching between vector fields sharing a common zero and applications to biology
03.02.2020 Marius Yamakou Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg Transitions between weak-noise-induced resonance phenomena in a multiple timescale neural system
24.02.2020 Peter Ashwin Exeter Tipping points of nonautonomous dynamical systems: from theory to application
02.03.2020 Raffaella Mulas MIS MPG Hypergraph Laplace Operators for Chemical Reaction Networks
11.03.2020 Gabriel Fuhrmann Imperial College (UK) tba
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