• "Discretized fast-slow systems near transcritical singularities"
    M.Engel and C. Kuehn, submitted manuscript, []
  • "Conditioned Lyapunov exponents for random dynamical systems"
    M.Engel, J.S.W. Lamb and M. Rasmussen, submitted manuscript, []
  • "Bifurcation analysis of a stochastically driven limit cycle"
    M.Engel, J.S.W. Lamb and M. Rasmussen, under revision, []

Journal Publications

  • "Hopf bifurcation with additive noise"
    T.S. Doan, M. Engel, J.S.W. Lamb and M. Rasmussen
    Nonlinearity 31(10), 2018
  • "Numerical approximation of a coagulation-fragmentation model for animal group size statistics"
    P. Degond and M. Engel
    Networks and Heterogeneous Media 12(2), 2017

Other Publications

  • "Local phenomena in random dynamical systems: bifurcations, synchronisation, and quasi-stationary dynamics"
    M.Engel, Ph.D. thesis: Imperial College London, 2018, []
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