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Prof. Dr. Helmut Pottmann

John von Neumann Lecture
Discretization and Optimization in Applied Geometry

  This course presents tools from discrete and computational differential geometry and shows how to use them within appropriate optimization strategies to solve a variety of problems in Applied Geometry. The applications include digital reconstruction of 3D shapes, shape matching, shape understanding, digital fabrication and freeform architecture. We study discrete curvatures, the robust estimation of curvatures, the geometry of distance functions, kinematical geometry and their use within geometric optimization algorithms for shape matching, registration and surface fitting. We discuss interactive modeling with special surface types such as polyhedral meshes or developable surfaces, due to their importance in various fabrication technologies. Finally, it is shown how practical requirements in the construction of architectural freeform structures motivate the development of new concepts in discrete differential geometry and how geometry is providing important support in the realization of challenging projects in contemporary architecture.

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