Jobs / Theses

Current job openings (positions open):
no project openings (but see documents on theses and postdocs below)

For general job-inquiries please send an e-mail to: ckuehn 'at' ma.tum.de
Please include a CV and briefly state your research interests and motivation. There may be possibilities for upcoming positions, or for possible joint applications, if you want to carry out research with my research group or via a joint project. If I have not replied within two weeks, I am probably not seeking to extend my research group and other projects within the near future beyond positions advertised above. For positions advertised above, the mentioned deadlines apply and I am going to contact candidates, who are considered for interviews, roughly two weeks after the deadline.

Theses and postdoctoral work (in my research group):
- BSc theses
- MSc theses
- Doctoral/PhD theses
- TopMath mentoring
- Postdoctoral research

Recommendation letters:
- Important remarks