Eine Übersicht der aktuellen Seminare mit Angabe zur Uhrzeit, Raumbenennung und kurzem Abstract finden Sie im Mathematischen Kalender der TUM.

Hier geht es zur Übersicht des Oberseminars Dynamics mit dem aktuellen und den vergangenen Semestern.

Referenten im Sommersemester 2020

Datum Name Universität Titel
04.05.2020 Duc Luu MIS MPG) Stationary states for rough differential equation
11.05.2020 Harsha Kumar TUM Bifurcations on and Symmetrization of Digraphs
18.05.2020 Polina Lakrisenko Helmholtz Switched systems application in ecology
25.05.2020 Anne Pein UCL Random attractors for stochastic partly dissipative systems
08.06.2020 Kateryna Marynets DELFT (NL) Stuart–type vortices modeling the steady flow of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
15.06.2020 Noémie Ehstand UFISC (UIB-CSIC) Spain Numerical continuation of fractional PDEs: sharp teeth and bloated snakes
22.06.2020 Andreas Burkhart TUM Moment equations and moment-closure approximations of the Adaptive Voter Model and Adaptive Simplex Voter Model

10.09.2020 Markus Schepers Clustering in a hyperbolic model of complex networks
11.09.2020 Jan Mölter Analysing neural population activity to study information processing in the brain
15.09.2020 Sam Jelbart Extending the Scope of Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory
17.09.2020 Stefania Ottaviano The role of networks and stochasticity in the long-term behavior of epidemic models
17.09.2020 Pia Steinmeyer Remedying non-smoothness in the bifurcation analysis of a stochastically driven limit cycle
17.09.2020 Thoa Thieu Models for coupled active--passive population dynamics: mathematical analysis and simulation
17.09.2020 Chenguang Liu From a Kac-like particle system to the homogeneous Boltzmann equation for hard potentials
17.09.2020 Bastian Hilder Modulating traveling fronts for the Swift-Hohenberg equation in the case of an additional conservation law
13.10.2020 Konstantin Clauß Phase-space structure of resonance eigenfunctions for chaotic systems with partial escape
13.10.2020 Javier Zamora Application of nonlinear PDEs in High Energy Physics
13.10.2020 Elena Queirolo Perspectives on bifurcations: validation and parameter search
13.10.2020 Tobias Wöhrer On decay rates for linear kinetic equations with defects
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