(Submitted) Preprints

  • "Homogenization of Fully-Coupled Chaotic Fast-Slow Systems via Intermediate Stochastic Regularization"
    M.Engel, M. Gkogkas and C. Kuehn, 2020,
    arxiv version Pfeil
  • "Extended and symmetric loss of stability for canards in planar fast-slow maps"
    M.Engel and H.Jardon-Kojakhmetov, 2019,
    arxiv version Pfeil
  • "A random dynamical systems perspective on isochronicity for stochastic oscillations"
    M.Engel and C.Kuehn, 2019,
    arxiv version Pfeil
  • "Discretized fast-slow systems with canard points in two dimensions"
    M.Engel, C.Kuehn, M.Petrera and Yuri Suris, 2019,
    arxiv version Pfeil

Published Journal Articles

  • "A Markov jump process modelling animal group size statistics"
    P.Degond, M.Engel, J. Liu and R. Pego,
    Communications in Mathematical Sciences 18(1), 2020 Pfeil
  • "Discretized fast-slow systems near pitchfork singularities"
    L.Arcidiacono, M.Engel and C.Kuehn,
    Journal of Difference Equations and Applications 25(7), 2019
    DOI:10.1080/10236198.2019.1647185 Pfeil
  • "Discretized fast-slow systems near transcritical singularities"
    M.Engel and C. Kuehn,
    Nonlinearity 32(7), 2019
    DOI:10.1088/1361-6544/ab15c1 Pfeil
  • "Conditioned Lyapunov exponents for random dynamical systems"
    M.Engel, J.S.W. Lamb and M. Rasmussen,
    Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 372(9), 2019,
    DOI: Pfeil
  • "Bifurcation analysis of a stochastically driven limit cycle"
    M.Engel, J.S.W. Lamb and M. Rasmussen,
    Communications in Mathematical Physics 365(3), 2019
    DOI: 10.1007/s00220-019-03298-7 Pfeil
  • "Hopf bifurcation with additive noise"
    T.S. Doan, M. Engel, J.S.W. Lamb and M. Rasmussen,
    Nonlinearity 31(10), 2018
    DOI:10.1088/1361-6544/aad208 Pfeil
  • "Numerical approximation of a coagulation-fragmentation model for animal group size statistics"
    P. Degond and M. Engel
    Networks and Heterogeneous Media 12(2), 2017
    DOI:10.3934/nhm.2017009 Pfeil

Other Publications

  • "Local phenomena in random dynamical systems: bifurcations, synchronisation, and quasi-stationary dynamics"
    M.Engel, Ph.D. thesis: Imperial College London, 2018,
    Engel-M-2018-PhD-Thesis Pfeil

Conference and Seminar talks

Confirmed talks for this year

  • 09/2020: Workshop on Machine Learning and Dynamical systems, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada

  • 06/2020: SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences, Orange County, USA
  • 06/2020: PDE seminar, Charles University, Prague
  • 05/2020: Probability seminar, Universite de Lorraine, Nancy
  • 03/2020: SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification, TU Munich

Talks given in the past

  • 02/2020: Dynamical Systems seminar, Imperial College London

  • 02/2020: Colloqium of SFB Scaling Cascades in Complex Systems, FU Berlin
  • 07/2019 Equadiff 2019, University Leiden
  • 07/2019 TU Delft, PDE seminar
  • 06/2019: TU Vienna, PDE afternoon seminar
  • 05/2019: SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (Speaker and Organiser of Minisymposium), Snowbird, USA
  • 03/2019 Conference on Critical Transitions in Complex Systems (Keynote Speaker), Imperial College London
  • 02/2019: TU Munich, Electrical Engineering Seminar
  • 10/2018: International Conference on Discretizations in Geometry and Dynamics (SFB days), TU Berlin
  • 09/2018: Dynamics Days Europe (Speaker and Organiser of Minisymposium), Loughborough
  • 12/2017: Workshop on Random Dynamical Systems, Lorenz Center Leiden
  • 09/2017: Dynamics Seminar, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (NYU)
  • 06/2017: Oberseminar Analysis/Dynamische Systeme, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • 04/2017: Workshop on Random Dynamical Systems, Bielefeld University.
  • 04/2017: Workshop on Random Dynamical Systems, Kyoto University
  • 03/2017: Workshop on Aspects of Dynamical Systems, Imperial College London
  • 11/2016: University of Salento, Analysis Seminar
  • 10/2016: Goethe University Frankfurt, Oberseminar Analysis
  • 10/2016: TU Munich, Oberseminar Dynamische Systeme
  • 09/2016: Critical Transitions in Complex Systems: Mathematical Theory and Applications, Kulhuse (Denmark)
  • 07/2016: 13th International Seminar on Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and Applications, Isfahan University of Technology
  • 02/2016 Loughborough University, Stochastic Analysis Seminar
  • 07/2015 Universität Bremen, Dynamical Systems and Geometry Oberseminar
  • 07/2015: Workshop on Random Dynamical Systems and Ergodicity, Loughborough
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